Monday, August 29, 2016

Adventures as a Woman

Halloween is the greatest time of the year. Jack travelled to Fantasy World to live out his most exotic dreams and adventures as a woman. The excitement was too much for Jack as he was transformed into Bethany. He spent all his time preparing for the big day. Now that she is a woman she has to decide on what to do.

The first thing Jack had to decide on was a name. He chose Alessandro. Now that she had a name, Alessandro had to decide what kind of adventure she would go on. It was fun thinking like a woman, trying to make up her mind. She felt so girly.

With a cute dimpled grin Alessandro decided what she would do with her day as a woman and all the powers a woman possesses. She was going to save the world. Nothing big, mind you. Just save the entire planet from whatever ravages it. Something most women do every day as they go about their routine.

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