Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Little Pink Bow

“Honey, why do some of your panties have a little pink bow in front?”

“Well, dear, that is a secret only girls can know.”

“So you don’t know why the bow is there either, do you?”

“I’ll make a deal with you. You wear this cute pink bra and panty set under your clothes to work today and when you get home I’ll tell what the bow means.”


Craig accepted the deal. The panty and bra felt awesome when he put it on. It tingled and tickled where the fabric touched his skin.

As the work day wore on Craig noticed changes to his body. By the end of the day the changes were complete; he was a complete woman. The office was mostly women and they liked the idea of Craig crossing over to their side by becoming Mona. A female co-worker asked Mona, “You asked your wife about the little bow on her panties, didn’t you?” All Mona could do was nod.

At home Mona stood for a photo for the family album. “The panties with the little bow are the one laced with TG Dust. Now you know,” Mona’s wife said as she patted her back. Mona liked it.

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