Sunday, August 14, 2016

Of Course It's Danica

Requested by: Robert Cooper (Robert, I could not find a pic of Danica for the story you wanted so I got as close as I could and modified the story. Hope it works for you.)

Robert enjoyed his lucky when the body swap swapped his body with Danica Patrick’s. He kept his feminine cool and finished the race with another win for the girls. She looked around after the race to see if Danica was still around in his body. Nothing.

There was a photo shoot scheduled for later the next day. Robert was turned on by being a sex object for all the men with such an athletic woman’s body. The shoot started normal as Robert had no problem acting like a hot woman; he was in Danica’s body, what is so hard about that? Don’t answer that.

The trouble started a few minutes later when Robert’s body stormed the set. Danica (the old Robert) was determined to stand her ground. Danica knew Robert was no match for her feminine prowess. Robert demanded her body back; Danica screamed at Robert he was a nut case. It came to blows with Danica kicking the shit out of Robert. The police came and carted Robert away; they got autographs from Danica. Nobody doubted Danica was Danica after the outburst. 

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