Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Zack Parish is the best union negotiator in the Community of Worlds. Strong unions and laws protecting unions exist on over 90% of planets in the Community. Zack’s services were needed everywhere in Bendex Corp. But a guy can only be in one place at a time; it says so in the physics manual.

Traveling light years from planet to planet would waste so much time the corporations would need massive teams to handle the difficult and delicate matters and there are not that many super talented people at negotiating. Smaller companies hire less talented agents and shuttle them from planet to planet. Not Bendex Corp. Bendex Corp has the resources to engage in long distance body swaps.

Wontalari is the planet closest to the inner core of the galaxy. Union negotiations started and a power broker was needed. The outcome of the five year agreement would mean trillions to Bendex Corp’s bottom line. Zack was ready to make the swap and handle the deal, but there was a problem. For a swap to work both parties needed to be compatible. If they were not compatible either the swap would fail or it could be permanent. Bendex Corp was having a hard time finding a manager suitable to swap with Zack.

Matters were desperate. Bendex Corp needed Zack on site now. No perfect swap matches were found. The closest they could find was Dawn. Zack knew the risks of swapping with someone not a perfect match. Zack is a company man and was willing to accept the risk. The long distance body swap took place immediately.

Zack was pleased when he found himself in Dawn’s body. He went to work negotiating a workable contract with the unions. Zack’s skills saved the company a fortune. Zack really enjoyed Dawn’s body and wanted to spend some time on Wontalari to unwind and relax. Dawn agrees. Zack enjoys two weeks of much needed vacation. Zack found Dawn the most pleasant and natural body he ever swapped into; it’s hard to believe they weren’t swap compatible.

After the two weeks were up Zack was ready for the return swap so he can get back to work. Zack stepped into the swapping chamber and closed the door behind him. He waited for the familiar whir and tingling vibrations indicating he was swapping back. He heard the whir, but didn’t feel the vibration. The swapping chamber door opened. Zack looked down at his body when he saw the disappointed look in the technician’s eyes. The lack of complete compatibility locked Zack in Dawn’s body. There would be no going back or swapping with anyone ever again. Zack stepped out of the chamber and sat on the bench at the back of the room. She smiled. Zack couldn’t have picked a better place or body to retire in.

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