Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stray Thoughts

New apartment, new clothes, new life. That is how Marc looked at life after the event, you know, the FOSE. You know how it works, right? Tourists from a certain world, that world, you know the one, the one that has telepathy, the one that can cause spontaneous shifts between people experiencing high emotional energies, like during climax when, ah, engaged in, you know, the big nasty. Yeah, you get it. I can see it in your eyes.

Well, my girlfriend is gone now; I don’t know where she is. We were, ah, do’in the thing when POW, out of nowhere I was in this chick’s body getting nailed by this big dude called Bruno. Ugly bastard. I have no idea who I was swapped with from the FOSE. I swear I was only thinking of this woman I saw online. If I could find my way back to my girlfriend, to make sure she is safe with whoever ended up in my body, I could accept the results of the FOSE. But no luck.

I learned my name is Megan. It’s a pretty name; I like it. Her apartment, my apartment is really nice and cozy. Must admit, I am still getting used to wearing a dress. The air is a little cold when I’m wide open down there. Feels good having so many people check me out though. Never knew girls went through that so much. It is kind of nice. Wonder if I find the tourists who caused the FOSE if they could change me back? Doubt it. Heard the FOSE is a one-way ticket. Besides, they are probably off-world by now.

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