Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cutting Out the Hard Part of Life

Following the rules was impossible for Ethan. He wanted to be faithful, but he could not resist pretty girl clothes. His wife was sick of his sissy ways. She set an appointment at the local TG Inc. office and tricked him into going. At the TG Inc. office Ethan was promised the hard part of his life would be cut out. He relaxed knowing he was only there for therapy. He was worried his wife had him scheduled for a sex change.

The therapist had Ethan relax on a contoured couch. He was hypnotized without even knowing it. When he woke up he was a woman. She accepted her new body while remembering his earlier life. It felt good wearing girl clothes where no one thought anything of it. The moist softness between her legs was the best part. It felt so good to feel the smoothness rubbing in her crotch.

Ethan entered the office and Alexa left. Her wife liked the new look without any of the hard parts in life left, if you get the meaning. No more would Ethan face stiff choices. From now on Alexa would have life all soft and moist.

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