Friday, August 26, 2016

Transforming Dad

Mom was sick of buying clothes for dad. With all girls in the house it was easier to shop for panties, bras, sleepwear and dresses all at one place. Then it was another whole run to buy something for dad. Mom and the girls plotted to change dad into a household team player. It started small. Mom talked dad into wearing panties to work claiming she forgot to buy him underwear. Then she convinced him to wear a chemise to bed at night and get his nails done.

Before long mom was slipping a little something extra into dad’s morning oatmeal. The changes were subtle and dad wasn’t sure if he knew what was happening. Finally mom started to feminize dad with heavy training. A year later it was time for the final change. The doctor made the final adjustments. Dad looked awesome! Like a real girl. He was a real girl! Very pretty.

Dad had his name changed to Diane. Mom started getting jealous when Diane started wanting guys in her life. Mom expected dad to share the same bed after the changes, but Diane had other ideas. It worked out in the end, however, when mom and Diane started dating the same guy. It is a strange family, but it works. And mom can do all the shopping at the same clothing store.

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