Wednesday, August 3, 2016


The atrocities of war linger on for generations. When the tribes of Leluck III started a civil war tourist were warned to avoid the planet until the conflict ended. Of course that does not stop everybody. Some people think the adrenaline rush is worth it. Tourism can actually increase for a while after such a warning.

Tex found the added excitement and risks an adventure. He felt if he stayed with the tour bus he would be safe. However, the rival tribe was offended the tourists were spending money (read supporting) their enemy. A quick raid captured the bus with Tex.

Due to the risk of gang rape, women avoided the planet. They left the risk-taking to the macho men. Tex’s bus was all men. Tex was worried they might be killed since they were all men and could be considered a threat.

Tex’s fears were soon allayed. The warriors set up a contest all the tourist would have to participate in. Each man from the tour bus would have to run 300 meters to a post. The first one there won. All the losers would be forced into a nanobot bath, turned into a woman and forced to service the warriors of the tribe.

Tex is an athletic man. There is no way he is losing this competition. Unfortunately, he was tripped as he neared his goal and joined the losers in the nanobot bath. To add insult to injury, the guy that tripped him won. As each man stepped into the nanobot bath, the winner taunted them. Tex was fuming. Now his captors call him Bridget and dressed him in pink lingerie. When all the men were transformed except the winner, the warriors pointed at the winner and forced him into the nanobot bath, too. The group of women—the former male tourists—laughed their asses off.

The warriors had a sense of humor. The winner was forced to service the warriors first. Too bad for Bridget she was next in line. It took a few weeks for Tex to adjust, but soon Bridget forgot all about Tex and focused on her job. Turned out to be a great vacation after all. Lots of adventure. Tex got to do things he never did before.

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