Tuesday, August 9, 2016

At Least I'm Alive

Steve: Thank you for coming today, Bridget. You are a remarkable woman.
Bridget: Thank you, Steve. Glad to be here.
Steve: Let’s get right to the point. You have a story about how you became a girl.
Bridget: (giggles) Yeah, it was unexpected. I was a normal guy when I was in an accident at work. A boiler exploded and mangled my body, but my brain was okay. The doctors kept me on life support, but there was no hope. Three days later a girl was in a car accident and a small sliver of metal pierced the base of her skull. Her body was fine and my brain was fine. The doctors took my brain and put it into her body. Two months later I was healed and good as new as a woman.
Steve: How did you adjust?
Bridget: Well, Steve, you know you are kind of cute.
Steve: (blushes)
Bridget: Okay, the adjusting part. Well, I still have to remember to sit when I pee. I also learned this body was a virgin.
Steve: Are you still a virgin?
Bridget: Wouldn’t you like to know. (laughs and pats Steve on the knee) Seriously, I kept my virginity for a few months. Guys kept looking at me and I started to feel like a girl. I wanted to know what it was like so I made out with a guy and let him pop my cherry. It was the best ever! After that I was unstoppable. I’ve even had group sex with 8 guys once; I was covered. It is still hard to go down on a guy, but I discovered I’m a swallower. So, to answer your question, my number is 32. I guess there is a name for a girl like that, but I don’t care.
Steve: Would you like to make it 33?
Bridget: Are you offering?
Steve: Yes.
Bridget: Then let’s go.
Steve: That’s it for our show. I’ve gotta run. Have some place I need to be.

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