Friday, August 12, 2016

Feminine Childhood

There are many things TG Incorporated can change on a man, but there is one thing TG Inc could never provide, until now. All the technology in the world can’t give you a girl’s childhood. Nanobots, girly lights, surgery and hormones only give you the body you want. The mind is always the last and hardest to convince.

It was all experimental when Kevin signed up. From a young age he knew he was born in the wrong body. TG Inc. transformations are perfect, Kevin knew. The first year after the transformation from Kevin to Missy was difficult. Then TG Inc. offered Missy the mental implant. Instantly she had childhood memories, memories as a girl.

For the first time since entering college, Missy feels like a real girl. The boyhood memories are more dream now than real. Missy is a girl, a real girl, with the childhood to match. To be a real girl requires putting the past in the past. Missy has finally become the girl she was meant to be. Finally, she can really enjoy intimate moments with her boyfriend.

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  1. at long last jay was transformed back into a real little girl now he was going to grow up female and really know what it is to be a girl