Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ditz Abroad

Carl knew the changes would make him look like a hot human woman. Of course, he was happy with the design. He was hot. And he loved the name Peggy. Who wouldn’t? But he never planned on the transformation affecting his personality or intelligence. It was kind of sexy, but Peggy is ditzy.

Interplanetary travel is always full of surprises. Meteors, sun flares, ship troubles and vortex bubbles are all part of the risks when traveling to such exotic worlds. The transformation to local customs (read: most worlds only allow females full public access) must be completed before allowed to board the space ship.

Most travelers opt for nanobots for their transformation. Nanobots are easiest to reverse back to your old self after the vacation as long as you don’t experience an electrical shock. If you receive such a shock the nanobots lock into formation and you stay as you are for the rest of your life.

You would think Peggy would be careful even as a ditz. And she was all during the vacation. Peggy was ready to return to his old life again. After showering he would leave for the TG Incorporated office to receive his new nanobot dose programmed to his male appearance. After the shower Peggy blow dried his hair. As she reached to unplug the dryer a spark of electricity jumped out and nailed her wet hand.

Peggy jumped. She knew what the electric shock meant. She called and cancelled her appointment at TG Incorporated and used the money she saved to buy a new wardrobe. Looks like Peggy will have lots of memories of her vacation.

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