Monday, August 15, 2016

Chop, Chop: A Modern Day Bobbitt

Jack envisioned himself a lady’s man. It all went well until his wife, Lorena, caught him cheating. It wasn’t the first time either and Lorena knew it. That night when Jack slept Lorena snuck into the kitchen, got a knife, and detached Jack’s offending appendage. He was wide awake then.

Jack fell off the bed in pain as Lorena ran from the house with Jack’s part and drove away. Fear finally set in and Lorena called 911 for help. At the hospital the doctors said it was too late to fix the problem. Jack would have to live without the family jewels.

The insurance came to the rescue. They paid all the medical bills to make Jack whole again. Well, as whole as he could ever be. They used Jack’s cells to grow all new girl parts and implant them. Six months later the surgery was done. The hormones did the rest. Jack is now Samantha.

Lorena and Samantha made up. There were no hard feelings. How could there be? Look at Jack, I mean Samantha. The media made our girls famous. A career in adult entertainment was in the cards for Lorena and Samantha. They were awesome performers.

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