Tuesday, August 23, 2016


A severe cold had Marty feeling so bad he had to go to the doctor to see if there was anything to relieve the pain and congestion. The doctor agreed his chest sounded very bad. Before he could prescribe he would need to see an X-ray. The doctor gave a folder to Marty to take to the lab technician in the X-ray department. The nurse gives him directions. He is to come back to see the doctor after the X-ray.

Soon the X-ray is done and Marty lowers his hands… and Holy Shit! He didn’t get an X-ray; he was turned into a girl! The lab tech hands Marty his file folder with a smile and directs him back to his doctor. At the doctor Marty complains about the X-ray. “Oh, don’t worry,” the doctor said. “Your lungs are fine now. See it says right here, Diane.” The doctor showed the papers in the folder to Marty. “Who is Diane?” Marty asks. “Why you are, of course,” the doctor says.

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