Thursday, August 25, 2016

You Are What You Wear

Ever since the Great Shift Allison can’t stop shopping: stilettos, dresses, blouses, makeup, and especially undergarments. The Great Shift was more than a few million people changing bodies. It was a paradigm shift.

Rebecca was once Alfred. But the Great Shift put him in the body you see here. He has no idea where his old body is at or who is in it. All he knows is there was a blinding flash in the sky; he fell to the ground from the shock; when he stood up he was in this body. He checked his purse and found a driver’s license. Now he had a place to live and a name.

The changes didn’t stop there. Rebecca had cravings for….ah … a boyfriend. So she shopped for sexy clothes and kept her eyes open for Mister Right. Her close friends knew right away something was wrong. When the subject came up she always confessed she was a Great Shift victim. But she never felt the victim. She felt like one of the lucky ones. He went from a boring, stale life to the exciting, vibrant Rebecca. Rebecca prays there will never be another Great Shift that takes her from this body.

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