Monday, August 22, 2016

Good Medicine

Ken’s wife warned him to be careful not to take her new pills from the doctor. He could see why she worried so; the pills looked exactly like his medication. His wife kept saying her pills made her more womanly. Ken thought his wife looked like the hottest woman to ever live, something husbands don’t always say about their wives

Ken was in a hurry to get to work and his wife had left early for a hair appointment. He needed to take his blood pressure medication and forgot which bottle it was. Without noticing, he took his wife’s pill.

As the day wore on Ken felt hot flashes. By mid-afternoon Ken could swear he was growing boobs. When he went to the toilet just before getting on the train home he had to sit. By the time he got home he was a woman in a man’s suit. Ken couldn’t understand.

Ken’s wife knew what happened the second he walked in the door. “You took the wrong pill. Those are my pills. Girl pills.” “How was I supposed to know,” Ken grunted. Ken’s wife took him by the hand to the bedroom, stripped him down and put Ken in a black dress.”Now we need an appropriate name for you. How do you like Tracy?” Ken shrugged.

Life can sure change in a hurry when you take the wrong medicine.


  1. Seems to me that he got it RIGHT !!!! :-)

  2. ...and what was Ken's wife before SHE took the pills?