Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Best Doctor Whoever Lived

She was a prodigy. No one in history had her talent to manipulate the human body into any form. Dr. Carla Bevers used her skills helping men become the woman they want to be. All she needs is two weeks. After that even a doctor could not tell the subject was ever male without a DNA test and in six weeks the DNA test would also say girl. Dr. Carla had a skill in high demand.

Once per year she accepted one pro bono case. She reviewed applications, looking for the most worthy man of having the rest of his life as a woman. The essay was all you had to convince Dr. Carla you needed a transformation.

Wally struggled his whole life with the wrong body. He wrote, and rewrote, his essay for weeks. When the deadline approached he decided to just share his struggle and how many essay he wrote until he decided to tell the truth. It worked! Dr. Carla called him and invited him to her retreat facility.

Two weeks later Brandy walked out of the facility. She gave a hug to Dr. Carla and thanked her for getting rid of Wally for her. Brandy enjoyed life now that she could wear a matching bra/panty set without budge worry. It felt so good actually being a woman.

Don’t you think you should start working on your essay?

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