Friday, August 19, 2016

Body Suit Return Policy

Scott was excited about the masquerade party where he was going dressed as a girl named Suri. He wanted to be as much a girl as possible so he rented a body suit at TG Incorporated. The cute girl behind the counter gave Scott a knowing look. As the girl helped Scott slip into the body suit and zip it tight she gave instructions.

“The body suit is very advanced. As you can see you are really a girl with this thing on. It is due back tomorrow or you will be charged for an extra day; for some reason body suits never get returned. And one more thing. Don’t get any funny ideas. If you lose your virginity while wearing the body suit it locks tight and you stay a girl the rest of your life.”

“No problem,” Scott said. “I’m not that kind of girl.”

The party went smooth. Suri was a hit with all the guys. It felt good to get so much attention. By the end of the night Suri was a bit tipsy so she accepted a ride home from Daryl. In the car Suri realized something was wrong. Something was slipped into her drink.

Daryl helped her into his apartment where the place was filled with guys with dirty grins and the counter girl from TG Inc. Suri was taken to the bedroom and made a woman again and again. As Suri drifted off she heard the TG Inc. counter girl whisper in her ear, “We never get any body suit returns.” 

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