Sunday, July 31, 2016

Favorite Sister

Look into my eyes, the girl said. Jack did not see her lips move, yet the words were clear as day. The hypnotic voice drew him in as the girl swirled a wand. Sparkles erupted from the wand. She smiles as Jack moved within touching distance. The green hair was so pretty to Jack.

A touch of the wand and Jack felt his whole body dissolve and re-form into a beautiful princess. It was a TG Wand the girl had! Jack could hear the girl in his head telling him his name was Justine now. The girl touched Justin’s crotch softly so it tickled. We are sister now, she said. Justine was good with that.

The girl touched Justine again and stood. They kissed softly at first. Justine could not stop the impulse. She rubbed the girl’s groin and crotch until he felt warm wetness cover his hand. The girl stepped back, smiled and said, You are my favorite sister ever. It felt good to have a family, Justine thought. Just in time for the holidays.

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