Thursday, August 4, 2016

Keeping the Faith

It is hard for Wendy to remember what it feels like to be a guy and it has only been a month since he was transformed, or more accurately, converted, into a woman. It all started at a church meeting. Sick of the abuse hurled at them for their strong faith and trust in god, the church formed a group to build a new cult on Mentilig IV. Wendy, full of faith and moved by the lord, was the first to volunteer.

Eighty-two parishioners joined the movement against the priest’s recommendation. The group would not listen. They wanted their group to be something different, faith-based. The priest called it a cult. Wendy didn’t care.

On Earth Wendy was a guy named Cort. He volunteered for every duty in the church he could, but still felt his faith needed more. He needed to take it to the next level. Cort was excited when the new group formed. The plans were made and the group traveled to Mentilig IV to start their colony. Upon arrival the government quarantined the group and converted every male to female; the religion of Mentilig IV.

It bothered Cort at first, but he adjusted to life as Wendy quickly. Now he can’t remember what life was like before. The group fell apart after the forced conversions. Wendy now spends her days reflecting on life. The weather is so beautiful all the time on Mentilig IV that Wendy spends most of her time reflecting on the deep questions of life.

In the end Wendy agrees the group was a success. The dream was different, but the faith was more satisfying.

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