Sunday, August 28, 2016

Whatever You Do Don't Show Them Your Cunt

Jason transformed into Sheila when he cross dressed. He loved the feel of girl clothes against his skin, almost like it was massaging his body. The transformation happened fast in his life. One day he just decided to get rid of his old life and follow his dream of being a woman.

At first people laughed and teased Jason, but as he got better at looking female people stopped laughing and started noticing how hot Sheila is. One day Jason made the mistake of wearing magic panties and was transformed into a real woman; no more pretending; it was real.

By now guys were really paying attention. Locals who remembered Jason knew better than to ask for a date, but those not in the know did their best to bed Sheila. Sheila told a co-worker, Becky, about what happened. Becky gave the best advice Sheila ever got, “Honey, whatever you do, don’t show them your cunt. If anyone actually sees your hootchie they will think you were always a girl and only dressed like Jason to throw people off. Once they know you have the goods the guys will be relentless until they turn you into a, well, you know, the kind of girl that gets around a lot.”

Sheila took the advice to heart, but after a year she made the mistake of showing her cunt. Now every guy in town has landed on Sheila. And by her picture you can see why.

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