Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Witch in the Woods

After Richard’s girlfriend dumped him for some rich guy he compensated by starting to wear women’s clothes and changing his name to Darlene. It was all fun and games at first. Dressing like a girl felt new, refreshing, and exciting. Then it turned normal. Panties felt more comfortable than boxers and he felt naked without leggings.

The makeup and preparation to go outside took more and more time as Darlene wanted to look so feminine no one would know who he really was. The Law of Attraction was beginning to take hold. When you believe something to be real hard enough it has a tendency to come true. For Richard it was a dream of a witch visiting him in the night and magically changing him into the woman of his dreams. His friends said Darlene paid a secret visit to the doctors at TG Inc.

Darlene tells the story so convincingly everyone believes a witch lives in the woods outside of town turning naughty boys into girls. I heard the story myself and must confess there does seem to be a lot of new women in town lately. For some reason I want to take a stroll through the countryside.

Note: The author of this story disappeared shortly after writing it. A woman claiming to be the author showed up and took over his life. We make no claims on the authenticity of such stories and allow the reader to come to his own conclusions.

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