Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Lucky Accident

Ken was dying and there was nothing the doctors could do about it. The auto accident crushed his body beyond repair. The only chance Ken had of surviving would be a complete body transplant. By good fortune, his brain was the only uninjured body part.

Two doors down in the intensive care unit, Amy Becker was dying of brain cancer. A long battle was coming to an end and the family knew it. The doctors prepared the family for this day, but it never makes it any easier. As all brain activity died, it was time for the family to take the body off life support. All hope was lost.

The operation was a smashing success. Ken is now alive and happy in Amy’s body; he is also twenty years younger. It’s almost like starting life over again. Amy has two families now. She enjoys time with Amy’s loving parents and with his family. It is a strange relationship. What is even stranger is how Ken identified with Amy’s body so quickly. It has only been a year and she is engaged to be married. They are living together to see how it works first, but it is looking good.

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  1. Amazing job kay. Loved it, wish that could happen to me. Love those boots. Think you can help kay?