Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gambling With the Big Boys

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stray Thoughts

New apartment, new clothes, new life. That is how Marc looked at life after the event, you know, the FOSE. You know how it works, right? Tourists from a certain world, that world, you know the one, the one that has telepathy, the one that can cause spontaneous shifts between people experiencing high emotional energies, like during climax when, ah, engaged in, you know, the big nasty. Yeah, you get it. I can see it in your eyes.

Well, my girlfriend is gone now; I don’t know where she is. We were, ah, do’in the thing when POW, out of nowhere I was in this chick’s body getting nailed by this big dude called Bruno. Ugly bastard. I have no idea who I was swapped with from the FOSE. I swear I was only thinking of this woman I saw online. If I could find my way back to my girlfriend, to make sure she is safe with whoever ended up in my body, I could accept the results of the FOSE. But no luck.

I learned my name is Megan. It’s a pretty name; I like it. Her apartment, my apartment is really nice and cozy. Must admit, I am still getting used to wearing a dress. The air is a little cold when I’m wide open down there. Feels good having so many people check me out though. Never knew girls went through that so much. It is kind of nice. Wonder if I find the tourists who caused the FOSE if they could change me back? Doubt it. Heard the FOSE is a one-way ticket. Besides, they are probably off-world by now.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Adventures as a Woman

Halloween is the greatest time of the year. Jack travelled to Fantasy World to live out his most exotic dreams and adventures as a woman. The excitement was too much for Jack as he was transformed into Bethany. He spent all his time preparing for the big day. Now that she is a woman she has to decide on what to do.

The first thing Jack had to decide on was a name. He chose Alessandro. Now that she had a name, Alessandro had to decide what kind of adventure she would go on. It was fun thinking like a woman, trying to make up her mind. She felt so girly.

With a cute dimpled grin Alessandro decided what she would do with her day as a woman and all the powers a woman possesses. She was going to save the world. Nothing big, mind you. Just save the entire planet from whatever ravages it. Something most women do every day as they go about their routine.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Whatever You Do Don't Show Them Your Cunt

Jason transformed into Sheila when he cross dressed. He loved the feel of girl clothes against his skin, almost like it was massaging his body. The transformation happened fast in his life. One day he just decided to get rid of his old life and follow his dream of being a woman.

At first people laughed and teased Jason, but as he got better at looking female people stopped laughing and started noticing how hot Sheila is. One day Jason made the mistake of wearing magic panties and was transformed into a real woman; no more pretending; it was real.

By now guys were really paying attention. Locals who remembered Jason knew better than to ask for a date, but those not in the know did their best to bed Sheila. Sheila told a co-worker, Becky, about what happened. Becky gave the best advice Sheila ever got, “Honey, whatever you do, don’t show them your cunt. If anyone actually sees your hootchie they will think you were always a girl and only dressed like Jason to throw people off. Once they know you have the goods the guys will be relentless until they turn you into a, well, you know, the kind of girl that gets around a lot.”

Sheila took the advice to heart, but after a year she made the mistake of showing her cunt. Now every guy in town has landed on Sheila. And by her picture you can see why.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cutting Out the Hard Part of Life

Following the rules was impossible for Ethan. He wanted to be faithful, but he could not resist pretty girl clothes. His wife was sick of his sissy ways. She set an appointment at the local TG Inc. office and tricked him into going. At the TG Inc. office Ethan was promised the hard part of his life would be cut out. He relaxed knowing he was only there for therapy. He was worried his wife had him scheduled for a sex change.

The therapist had Ethan relax on a contoured couch. He was hypnotized without even knowing it. When he woke up he was a woman. She accepted her new body while remembering his earlier life. It felt good wearing girl clothes where no one thought anything of it. The moist softness between her legs was the best part. It felt so good to feel the smoothness rubbing in her crotch.

Ethan entered the office and Alexa left. Her wife liked the new look without any of the hard parts in life left, if you get the meaning. No more would Ethan face stiff choices. From now on Alexa would have life all soft and moist.