Thursday, August 11, 2016

This Means War

The American people loved President Amanda more than the old guy they used to have; at least President Amanda had balls. The Chinese laughed so hard they pee’d their pants as the President ran back to Washington with his panties in a bunch.

Soon all of Asia, Africa and Australia were in the game. World War III had officially started. China had a head start on an even more devastating bomb: a girly light bomb. The race was on for one country to develop the weapon first. One bomb over a major city would send bra sales through the roof. And since China made most of the bras worldwide….

A few select men were sequestered in deep underground shelters. They were considered the future breeding stock should the war be lost. Even if the nation won World War III there might not be enough men to keep the population going so steps were taken.

Machine gun girly light rifles turned whole squadrons of men sexy in minutes. A platoon caught in the open was in imminent danger of sitting while they pee. The best soldiers were the latest victims. Balls gone and nipples perky, the new Ladies Brigade was fearless in their attack.

Squad leader, Quentin, led the assault on the city streets. He thought the city would be easy pickings, but he was the first victim of a massive counter-assault. Now Renee enjoys a new uniform while inspecting newly acquired lofts.

The war isn’t over, girls.

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