Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heat Wave

Don’t go in the water. That is what the sign said. But some people have no regard for rules or following orders. So a couple of kids wandered into the water anyway against all the rules and paid the price. Serves them right.

But Bob and Dave never thought they were really doing anything wrong. Besides, it wasn’t hurting anyone. If there was a problem with the water they would be the only ones to get sick. The heat wave made the water so inviting so they stepped in. Little did they know the nanobot manufacturing facility had an industrial leak.

The cool water was the perfect solution to the summer heat wave. Bob and Dave jumped and splashed in the water having a good time. Bob was first to notice Dave looked a little different. Before the boys could leave the water the transformation was complete. A passing tourist took a snapshot of the boys. Bob and Dave asked the tourist to send a copy to their email, for the record, you know.

The good news was Bob and Dave became Helen and Frieda for free. If they had a normal nanobot treatment it would have set them back a year’s wages. How lucky can two guys get? Good thing they disobeyed the sign.

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