Thursday, July 9, 2015

Uneasy Peace

World War III was over, but not everyone accepted the truce. Chinese girls thought the human race should be reduced to females only, using science to impregnate women and propagate the species. A splinter cell formed and traveled Earth, hunting down the remaining men. They came armed with military grade girly light assault rifles. Men were not safe anywhere on the planet.

Some men wanted to breathe the fresh air so bad they dressed up as women before venturing outside. However, the snipers could tell. They came equipped with sensing devices. One point of the girly light rifle and the sniper could tell if it was a man in drag. If it was, a light pull of the trigger and the man wearing a dress no longer had to worry about changing when he got home.

On the bright side, Earth was now composed of matriarchal societies. The world was a better place as a result. Women fought dirty, but didn’t want to blow… ah… the whole planet up. The male population was down to under 200. If you are a man reading this your days are numbers. Men are no longer needed to breed. And I know a few cute Chinese girls that want to meet you.

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  1. Love the cap. Kay.
    good idea using a baroness pic from gi joe.