Saturday, July 18, 2015

Second Chance

Requested by: Ftygrl

Crime is getting harder for the small-time crook these days. Businesses now make more sales via credit/debit cards than ever. How can a desperate petty thief make any money breaking into an establishment?

Franklin isn’t your average criminal. He always thinks outside the box. Where most retail establishments no longer present much opportunity to steal cash, there is one Franklin notices still handles a large percentage of transactions in cash: lingerie shops. Men (and some women), embarrassed to hand over their credit card with their name, opt for cash payment instead. Knowing this (and we wonder how Franklin knows this), he plans his heist.

In the dead hours of the night Franklin disarms the security system and jimmies his way into a back door. With the alarm disabled he can enjoy a walk around the lingerie shop. He picks out a few things for himself (pealing the clothes from sexy store mannequins) and heads to the back office to crack the safe. As he works the combination he hears noise back on the sales floor. He checks to make sure the coast is clear—sees nothing—and returns to the safe.

After cleaning out the safe he stacks all the money in a bag with the lingerie on top. He turns to leave. A mannequin blocks the door; there is no other way out. Franklin thinks he is losing his mind. Mannequins don’t move by themselves.

Franklin feels his body stiffen and take on a plastic look as he heard a voice in his head. “You have desecrated our home, Franklin. You will now join us as a fembot. From now on you are known as fembot Wanda.” Franklin wanted to scream, but nothing came out.

The next morning the owner saw the new mannequin in his office. She smiled knowing what happened, “I keep getting more free mannequins this way.” Franklin spent his days modeling lingerie for months now while the fembot mannequins ridiculed him. Later they allowed him some freedom as a sales clerk. The boss lady loves free labor.


  1. Nice caption with my idea. Got another one for later. Hey maybe you can turn this into the "TG-Zone " series where characters enter forbidden realms like lingerie shops to steal and find themselves changed into women or girls and some women into men. Like the fembot notion ! Does he or she remember what happened to him? And have his friends if has any come looking for him ? More soon ?

  2. I love the TG Zone idea. I love macabre stories. Get ready for more in a new series Ftygrl. Thanks for the idea.

  3. You're welcome. I have a crazy imagination and always have since I was kid ; perhaps I should've been a writer ! However, everybody gets that deadly " writer's block " when absolutely nothing comes up to write on. You bring the ideas to life. I'll send you ideas for you to look at and let you decide. Deal ? Love the series idea ; got a few ideas gelling already to send your way soon.

  4. Here's an idea : Mom's dislike back to school shopping for kids, especially with a bratty brother and snotty sister. Mom takes them to the "Changing Room Boutique " where everything is on sale. Inevitably the two siblings start a fight, claiming each sex has it easier. Mom warns them to behave ; they don't of course until Mom gets them their clothes and both accidentally enter the "wrong dressing room "! Each shifts into the other and two-perfectly behaved kids emerge. Stepford-children maybe ? Mom is relieved and the kids have no memory of changing. How long they remain is upto Mom and the boutique owner. A week, a month, forever ? Until they learn to get along ; which may take a long, long time for these two.
    What do you think ? Got others thinking about...