Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Bank Job

Alex trusts no one when he plans a bank heist. He works alone and keeps all the fruits of his thefts, ah, I mean work, for himself. The First National Bank would be his biggest job ever—enough to retire for good.

The plan was in place. Alex waited until the dead hours of a Sunday night. He reprogrammed the security system, picked the lock and walked to the safe. He had the perfect tool for the safe. He applied the digital reader and hacked the combination in under two minutes.

Once inside the safe he started filling a bag with money. He then took his time picking several of the larger safe deposit boxes looking for jewelry. A light mist descended from the top of the room. Alex knew the security system wouldn’t trigger. Unfortunately, it didn’t have to. The mist put Alex to sleep.

The next day a new bank teller started work. Her name is Brenda. She can’t remember who she is or where she came from. She just seemed to have a knack for bank work. After two weeks Brenda started to have flashbacks of who she really is. That night the security guards took Brenda to the dark side of town and dropped her off; she was fired.

Brenda never did remember who she really is. To pay the bills she started turning tricks. She knew she was good at something in the past. If only she could remember. And she always has a burning desire to rob a bank.

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