Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vortex Treated Them Right

After three years of fear it was discovered vortex bubbles were guided by an intelligence. The gender transformation that vortex bubbles caused were not as random as originally thought. As you may recall, vortex bubbles float through space and when they hit the Earth cause a bubble of local null space. Anyone caught in the null space as it passes through the Earth is turned female.

Once people discovered vortexes were guided, certain groups of people had parties when warnings were issued for vortex swarms. Most people ran for shielded buildings, protecting them from the effects of vortexes. But vortexes knew some guys secretly wanted to be hit by a vortex.

College guys were the craziest. They were always taking chances when vortexes were forecast. Josh (center wearing red bra) and frat brothers have tempted fate several times and felt invincible. But their luck ran out. When the vortex swarm hit, several vortexes steered right towards Josh and his partying buddies.

Josh was prepared if the worst should happen. He had a name picked out just in case: Pricilla. The best part about tempting a vortex is you never know what you will get. There is no planning on the type of body the vortex gives you. Pricilla and her new girlfriends are really happy with the way the vortex treated them. They look great. Now they never have to worry about a vortex ever again.

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