Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Woman in Control

It was only a joke, but they created a monster. After a long week at work the guys got a little crazy planning for the weekend. Zack picked up a girly light and started kidding the guys with it, threatening to turn any obnoxious buddy into his girlfriend.

Art was the quiet one in the group. Before long Zack was kidding Art he would hit him with the girly light if he didn’t talk more. Several of the guys started wrestling around with Zack, teasing about turning the girly light on him. As the guys got more rambunctious, Art stepped to the side and enjoyed the show.

It was an accident; everyone knew it. Three guys wrestling for the girly light, laughing and joking, when the darn thing is bumped wrong and it goes off hitting Art. The room stopped, frozen like a Twilight Zone scene.

Art stood there in a matching panty/bra set and heels. A look came across Art’s face. That determined look scared the guys. “Man, I’m sorry, Art. It was an accident. I swear.” Zack sat at his desk while the rest of the guys backed away. Art pointed at Zack and said, “My name is Penny, bitch, and you are mine.”

Penny came across the desk yelling, “You are mine! You are mine!” Later it was agreed that Art getting hit by the girly light was the best thing that happened. Art came out of his shell as Penny; Penny didn’t take no for an answer. And Zack did pretty well himself. He married Penny a year later and they have two beautiful daughters. I guess everybody grew up a lot that Friday afternoon.

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