Friday, July 3, 2015

Walking Into the Twilight Zone

It felt like an episode of Twilight Zone to Martin Sloan. Not the new remakes, but the old, original episodes. Martin wanted his life to live over. Complications made his life unbearable. Martin Sloan knew from the time he was four he was born in the wrong body. To compensate he worked himself to death getting perfect grades in school. He excelled at work and ranked amongst the best in his industry worldwide. All Martin’s life he was running and now it finally caught up with him.

Martin wanted to visit his hometown hoping the memories of his childhood would bring meaning to his empty life. He stopped for gas on the outskirts of town and walked a path while his car was filled by the attendant. It was exactly as he remembered. All the people were the same. He even met his younger self and told the young Martin to cherish the simple days of youth as they would not last.

As he returned to his car he noticed he transformed into a woman. He finally had the body he always wanted. Martin always wanted the name Becky and he finally was Becky. What Martin did not know was a slow moving vortex floated into Earth at that exact spot. The null space in the vortex shifted time. While Martin was in the vortex he experienced the world as it was 25 years ago. As he left the vortex, the vortex did what it always does: it transformed all males to females. Becky was glad she went back home. What she found was her true self.


  1. Nice story ; maybe more? How about a crook who breaks into a high-end lingerie dress shop looking for cash ; except the store is cashless ! After hours, the store's mannequins become it's guardians- FEMBOTS if you will. He's captured and retrained as new sales-girl or sent home as a young-girl via magic or a time shift ! Anyhow, run with the idea if you want to. Call it " Second -Chance" ?