Monday, July 13, 2015


Today we continue in our series of TG Incorporated interviews with previous clients. We asked clients to send us a selfie, picture and a short bio. From the list we chose the most interesting stories to share with you. Our hope is this makes it easier for you to take that magical step into womanhood.

TG Inc: Before you were Kat you had a different name.
Kat: Yes, I was a tired bureaucrat names Gus.
TGI: And when did you decide to visit TG Inc.?
Kat: Well, it’s kind of embarrassing. You see, I got in trouble at work. Twenty-two years on the job and there were some irregularities.
TGI: Irregularities?
Kat: Money was missing.
TGI: Those kinds of irregularities.
Kat: Before you get any ideas, I didn’t steal a penny. I was set up. My supervisor was stealing and making it look like me. My supervisor’s supervisor knew this but didn’t tell me. He had this fetish and he tricked me. I thought I was going to jail things looked so bad, so I took a deal to become a secretary. Only after the transformation did I find out I was set up.
TGI: That is some story. How did it all turn out?
Kat: Okay, I guess. My supervisor was caught and sent to jail for nine years. His supervisor, Parker, asked me to marry him. I did, of course, no knowing it was a setup to get me into a dress. Only after we were married did I discover the truth.
TGI: Did you get a divorce?
Kat: No! I love my husband. It just hurt that he deceived me, turning me into a girl.
TGI: You do fill out that negligee, Kat, like no one I ever saw.
Kat: Why, thank you, hon.

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