Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mystery Solved

Spring break, the time when a young man’s fancy turns to things more… exotic. Most kids head to the beach or take a mini vacation. For the wealthy and trust babies there is only one place that will do: Mystery Island. Of course, it isn’t much of a mystery anymore.  It is common knowledge what happens on this island dead center of the Bermuda Triangle.

Once outside the shielded airport, Mystery Island transforms everyone into a female. The transformation is temporary for about 75%. It is always an exciting moment as the girls leave the Island to see who transforms back.

Boys love the temporary changes. They can explore life as a female for a week before returning to class. There is one problem. The experience isn’t complete. With no boys around to ogle them, the temporary girls don’t get the opportunity to enjoy the full experience. But 1 in 4 will discover the rest of the experience later.

The odds were one of Scott’s group of friends would stay a girl. Barry, Mark and Sam were good friends with Scott. The idea of Mystery Island was too much to resist. Scott, as Lacy, is on the left in this picture followed by Amanda (Barry), Brandy (Mark), and Lisa (Sam). They had great fun during their week of spring break. Now it was time to go home. Scott was nervous to see if any of them will remain a girl.

The transformation back is fast as soon as you entered the shielded airport. The boys stopped for one last moment as girls, or maybe a lifetime as a girl. The automatic doors to the airport slip open. The boys walked through. They looked back and forth at each other and finally all stared at Scott. Lacy was the 1 in 4. She swallowed hard. Life would be different now, but at least they had a hell of a spring break together.

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