Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Turn a New Page

Some people have a real reason to disappear. Chad was running from the mob. After working for the mafia from a young age as a hit man, Chad knew time was running out. He no longer believed in the life he was living; he wanted to change his ways. But leaving the family was done in only one way: a pine box.

The government wanted Chad to testify in the worst way. He could single handedly bring down the family and all their organized crime connections. Chad wanted to help, but feared for his life. After certain assurances were provided Chad did what he had to do; he turned state’s evidence against the mob.

Once the convictions were in, Chad had to hide deep under cover. There would be many people out to kill him; he would never be safe again and didn’t have the protection of the family. The good news for Chad is that this isn’t 50 years ago. The witness protection program is built to provide real protection from detection.

The FBI took Chad to a secret location to change his appearance and identity. Chad was given a choice in how he wanted to look. He chose the Trixie design. A few FBI agents smiled and turned away. To think, a mafia hit man guilty of horrendous acts against other human beings wanted to be a frail girl. How fitting.

Chad stepped into the 3D printer designed to make body parts, but modified to make an entirely new body. After a few hours the process was done and Trixie entered the world complete with all necessary identity papers. I have to say it: Crime does pay.

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