Friday, July 10, 2015

Old Sins

“Hands in the air, buddy,” the intruder said pointing the gun at Horace’s face. “Do what I tell you and nobody gets hurt.”

Horace was stunned he was being robbed in the middle of the day. Who locks their door midday? In a small town? Still, here he was in his own home facing the wrong end of a gun. The man holding the gun didn’t look like thug either. His hair is neatly combed back, his face clean shaven and he wears a suit and tie. With one hand he points the gun at Horace, in the other he holds the straps of a duffle bag. Horace would expect his bank president to look similar to this man. He certainly does not appear to need money. The intruder actually looks well to do and has the self-confidence, too.

Horace raised his hands over his head. The intruder said, “Off with your clothes.” “Wha?” The command didn’t register in Horace’s brain. The intruder demanded, “Take of your clothes.” “But, I’m not…” Horace feared he might be raped by this man. “I’m not going to touch you. But I will put a bullet in you if you don’t lay your clothes over there,” the intruder said waving the gun toward the bed.

Horace did as he was told. The intruder set the duffle bag on the floor as Horace stood there naked. The intruder unzipped the bag and pulled out women’s clothing. “Put this on,” the intruder said tossing a bra, panty, tank tip, skirt and stilettos. Horace stood frozen. The intruder pushed the gun further in front of him perfecting his aim. Horace squatted and picked up the clothing. He put on the panty and bra first followed by the skirt and tank top. Last he slipped into the heels. For some reason the clothes all fit perfectly.

“Now what,” Horace said with rose-red cheeks. “Now we wait,” the intruder said. Before long the clothing began to tighten and tingle. Horace felt uncomfortable. “A body suit,” he said. “Not exactly,” the intruder said. More time passed until Horace was completely transformed. “Why?” Horace asked. “You don’t remember me, do you,” the intruder began. Horace shook his head, his blond hair waving as he did. “When we were in high school you convinced my girlfriend, Lenora, to dump me for your best friend. I never forgave you for that. Time was kind to me. I ended up really rich and swore I would use my money to punish you for your evil deed. I can’t have the one thing I want most, Lenora. So you will take her place. The nanobots in the fabric of your clothes were programmed to make you look exactly like Lenora.”

Horace turned to the mirror. He remembered. He does look exactly like Lenora. He took a selfie to prove to his mind this was really happening. He turned back to the intruder. “Now get on the bed, honey,” the intruder said. “I think I want to have sex with my girl.”

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