Sunday, July 5, 2015

The First FOSE

Alice was still confused by what happened earlier in the day. Speculation was Earth experienced its first Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event or FOSE, according to news reports. Alice claims she is really Brad, but somehow popped out of his body and into Alice’s, a girl he was fantasizing about when the swap happened. The small town of Brant normally is quiet, but people switching bodies when a bright light flashed in the sky is newsworthy.

The confusion caused havoc with government services. It seems policemen had more swaps than any other group. Even hospitals suffered staffing problems. Things were quieter in Brant. Alice gathered her thoughts as she looked across the field at Brad, the boy she used to be only a few hours ago. For some reason Amanda Thomas, Live Eye Action News reporter, wanted to interview Alice. Alice figured it was her friendly face as the reason she was picked for an interview.  If only Ms. Thomas knew what Alice looked like this morning.

Before the interview began, Brad started to adjust to Alice’s body. What would she tell the reporter? Alice decided to make up a story. It was none of Ms. Thomas’s damn business what happened in town. She probably didn’t know Brad/Alice were one of the victims. One thing was for certain: Brad was sure glad he was thinking about Alice when the FOSE hit rather than ‘ol lady Edwards. That would have been real bad.

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