Monday, July 6, 2015

World War III

Trade tensions were out of control between nations. Small skirmishes between adjoining countries were the first indication a worldwide conflagration was about to erupt. With so many nations possessing nuclear weapons the only way to fight and win any future war would require a different kind of combat.

Tanks and heavy artillery would only escalate to nuclear. World War III would be fought like no war before. World War III would be fought with infantry, small arms, terrorist attacks, and guerrilla warfare. There would be no deaths in World War III because the new weapon of choice was the girly light.

Men would take to the field in small groups attacking the enemy while keeping out of site. A small town could be subdued with a modest crack commando group, turning an entire town female in a night, disorienting the half the population, sapping their energy to fight.

The first shot was fired by China, but the United States and Europe also have nail polish on their hands, too. China made it clear they wanted war over peace. The President extended an olive branch by travelling to China to end trade animosities. The President was the first victim. He was ambushed by girly lights.

The President no longer looked good in a suit so he stepped into a dress, changed his name to Amanda and told the Chinese, “Game on, girls!”

Continued tomorrow…

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