Thursday, July 16, 2015

Daughter's Gift

Carl stood stunned looking at the police officer outside his door. No good news ever came from the police at 2 a.m. Carl feel asleep on the couch, but didn’t recall if Mattie had returned home from her night out with her boyfriend, Tom. Before the officer spoke, Carl’s voice squeaked, “Mattie.” Tears immediately came to his eyes.

The auto accident was the fault of a drunk driver running a stop sign. The drunk driver smashed into the passenger side door where Mattie was sitting. She was killed instantly; Tom was in intensive care.

Tom recovered, but Carl sank into a deep depression. Medication and councilors were worthless. Carl started to sleep on Mattie’s bed every night. Her mother died of cancer years ago and Mattie was all he had left, his only reason to live.

One day, when Carl reached a new depressed low, he was ready to take his life. He touched several of Mattie’s things one last time before he joined her in the beyond. Some of her hair was on a brush. He rubbed it between his thumb and index finger. Then the idea hit him.

Carl took the hair to TG Incorporated and asked if they could extract the DNA from the hair and replicate that person. Of course the answer was ‘yes’. Three days later, when the nanobots were programmed, Carl returned to the TG Incorporated office. Carl disappeared from the world and Mattie was back.

The depression disappeared. Carl visited Tom and explained what he did. Tom was suffering even more than Carl. Now Mattie is back and promises to be the most attentive girlfriend Tom ever had. The old Mattie was saving it for marriage, but the new Mattie puts out every day. Everyone is happy.

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