Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trust Baby

Hello, everyone. Today we start an interview series with clients of TG Incorporated. Each story is unique and inspiring. TG Inc. reviewed hundreds of clients to bring you this fascinating series of awesome transformations.

TG Inc: Before we start, I must say you look awesome, Melissa.
Melissa: (blushing) Thank you.
TGI: To start, when did you visit TG Inc.?
Melissa: Hmmm. About 3 ½ years now. Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been a girl so long already.
TGI: Feels good, doesn’t it?
Melissa: Oh, god, yes. By the time I was four I knew something was wrong with me. My body was messed up.
TGI: You knew you were born in the wrong body at four?
Melissa: Yes. It’s not that I hated my boy parts; it’s just that I knew they didn’t belong.
TGI: What made you decide to visit TG Inc.?
Melissa: My great uncle. (smiling).
TGI: I smell a story in that grin.
Melissa: Yeah. My great uncle left me a large trust fund. I wasn’t aware my great uncle knew of my, ah, difficulty. But he must have. He allowed me a stipend for college, living expenses, and a full TG Inc. transformation. There was no way I could afford it otherwise. My only other hope was to win a contest or lottery.
TGI: You’re in college now?
Melissa: Yes, ULM campus.
TGI: My last question. Do you enjoy the TG Inc. body?
Melissa: I have three boyfriends. What do you think?
TGI: I take that as a yes.

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