Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence at Last

In the United States freedom rings loud around the 4th of July, the American Independence Day. For decades small communities raised funds for their fire department with picnics over the summer, especially the 4th of July. Beer put a lot of fire trucks on the road.

Drunken driving laws killed the picnics and the desperately needed funds. The picnics now only a fraction of their former size needed a way to draw either a crowd or at least donations. Fireworks shows drew crowds but not much money. Raffles were the last big money-maker for the fire departments and even that was dying.

With budget shortfalls and ideas exhausted, budget planners were willing to try anything. A proposal was made to raffle a full TG makeover to one lucky winner. To manage risk, a certain number of tickets would be sold before the raffle was live. Concerns were too few would be interested in such a raffle —how many guys really want to change gender for real?

When Alan heard about the raffle he opened his wallet wide, like many guys did. The fire department raised a record amount of money. The planners couldn’t believe how many tickets were sold. The park was filled to capacity for the drawing which means more beer was sold too. Alan clutched the wad of tickets in his fist. Sweat beaded on his forehead. He wanted to win so badly.

A pretty girl in a red bikini reached her hand into the basket and pulled out the winning ticket. The announcer read the numbers slowly. When the final digit was called out Alan nearly fainted. He had the winning ticket!

The next day Alan was at the door of the TG Incorporated office with his certificate in hand for a full and permanent transition to the girl of his dreams. Take a look at Alan now that he is Connie. Don’t you agree, she is the cutest thing going? Don’t you wish you would have bought a ticket? It’s for a good cause.

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