Monday, July 20, 2015

Good Deed

Have you ever wondered why guys that visit TG Incorporated have their interests change? Take Orson here, he loved baseball, hiking, fishing and other outdoor recreations. He wore blue jeans daily and a plaid shirt. Orson looked like a country boy, but harbored a deep secret.

Orson’s life changed the day he decided to help a stranded woman. Her car died on a back road far away from civilization. Orson knew helping her was the right thing to do. The chances of someone else happening along were slim and the walk to town was over 40 miles with the day was growing late.

Getting a mechanic out here would be impossible so Orson offered her a ride to where she was going. She asked if Orson would drop her off at the nearest town. Orson did one better; he offered her a ride all the way to her doorstep, a 200 mile drive.

Orson was a gentleman the whole way providing light conversation as he drove the woman home. She demanded Orson come in and meet her parents when they arrived. Her father it turns out is an executive at TG Incorporated. He was so thankful Orson brought his daughter home safe he offered Orson anything he wanted.

Orson had a decision to make. This would be the only opportunity he would ever likely have to afford his dream, to fulfill his deepest secret. Orson decided to confess his desire to be a woman. The father was more than happy to grant him his wish.

Orson became Trisha. Trisha loved her body and became best friends with the woman he offered a ride. But something about Orson changed. He no longer liked the outdoors as much and in the past he wouldn’t be caught dead in pink; now he loves pink. I guess good deeds do get rewarded after all.


  1. not to do with this caption, but did you see my caption from yesterday titled "Born Intersexed?" I would be curious about how you see this caption........