Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Girl Has Talent

Les had a dream of becoming an actor. After high school he attended an acting school where the work schedule was exhausting. The days could last up to 15 hours with only a few short breaks to eat. Les discovered acting is a demanding job made for a special few people. Not everyone can cut the grueling demands.

As hard as acting can be, Les was at the top of his class. The biggest problem he will have getting a job is demographical. The demands for leading men are filled and few are needed. Today’s audiences want a strong heroine. There wasn’t much Les could do about that.

His instructor felt that Les would be a waste of talent if he wasn’t offered a job in Hollywood. The instructor found a talent agent willing to invest in someone of Les’s caliber. One was found. The investment was a complete gender reassignment into the perfect leading lady. Les’s strong acting skills coupled with his strength will make him the most sought after actress in Hollywood… as Michelle.

Les only hesitated for a moment. He realized he had a life-long career ahead of him if he cooperated. The transformation took place. Michelle honed her massive skills into a feminine role and started reviewing the offers. The talent agent was awesome. Michelle was soon the highest paid actor on the planet. It goes to show, you can’t keep good talent down.

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