Thursday, July 2, 2015


For every action there are unintended consequences. Frank never foresaw the consequences of his actions. Frank entered college with a secret. He worked hard to get massive scholarships so he could attend the best school and have his own private room. The private room was important. When the door closed Frank took the opportunity to be his real self.

He dressed in the sexiest clothing he could buy and pretended to be Pixie, cool girl of the school. Every night he slept in a silk negligee. The best part about his secret was morning when he first woke, looked down, and saw his breast forms. They felt real in the morning. He felt like a real girl before the fantasy started to break.

The college Frank attended has a popular female professor. She teaches the medical gender class. Of course, the guys love it, especially because she is tall, thin, with long blond hair and the tightest, hottest smile any guy every saw. Frank never took the class. That didn’t keep Ms. Hot Professor from finding out about Frank’s secret.

One Friday night the professor waited until Frank was in full fantasy when she picked the lock to his room, burst in and sprayed him with nanobots. Frank passed out. Ms. Hot Professor tucked him into bed. She slid in bed beside him while he slept. In the morning Frank was shocked to see the professor there. It took several minutes for Frank to realize that prefect morning feel wasn’t going away; it was real. The professor smiled. “Welcome to my team, Pixie,” the professor said as she walked to the door. “You can thank me later.”

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