Wednesday, July 8, 2015

World War III Part Troi

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The war was out of control. Eighty percent of all men alive were hit by the girly light. Panty shortages were acute and there was a serious run on pantyhose. Hmmm? The United States was willing to listen to terms from China when the secure bunkers of men preserved for breeding stock were penetrated. The girly light bomb was completed by China first. America’s 28 largest cities fell in love with pink the first day.

Europe, East Asia, Africa, and Australia soon sued for peace, too. It was clear China won World War III. Not that anyone would notice. The United States finished development of the girly light bomb two days after China, feminizing most of the world within a week.

With breeding stock men nearly all transformed, peace was inevitable. There were no hot-headed men left to fight. All the girls wanted to do was shop, get their hair done, compare nail colors and gossip. Fewer than 200 men were left of the human race. You can only imagine their existence surrounded by so many women, especially during that special time of the month.

And then there was the new world order once peace was restored. People still needed love and companionship. Men before the war made the best lovers for most women with mixed results. Here we see Alex, now Alexis, sharing his love. Not everyone is happy about it.

World War III was over, the jealousy war is about to begin. Too bad somebody didn’t build a manly gun.

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  1. this is actually a very good caption. it seems this planet is sorely lacking in love these days and a love bomb may be what we need.