Monday, November 30, 2015

Forced to Wear a Dress by Sister

Have you ever been caught in a lie? I sure have. A big one actually. By my sister, of all people. It was nothing really. I consider myself an urban artist and beautify the community with my graffiti. Some hate it, but it is really awesome to see. People sometimes travel to the city just to photograph my work.

The police questioned me a few time, so did mom and dad, but they had nothing on me. Then along came Dorothy, my twin sister. Miss Goodie Two-Shoes found my stash of supplies and threatened to rat me out. I could end up in juvie! And I would never have a chance to practice my art again.

I pleaded with Dorothy to keep her big mouth shut. She promised to do so if I let her dress me up as a girl, the full Monty. What choice did I have? We are both about the same size and build with subtle changes to accommodate boy or girl parts. There was one more problem: Dorothy demanded I take a girly walk of shame. Okay, I can do this. (Like I have any choice.)

You have to admit, Dorothy did a heck of a job. She made me so hot I had to take saltpeter to keep the bulge down.  I walked that walk of shame wearing my sister’s panty and dress. It felt so good I started thinking I might want to try it again some day. I must have been deep in the daydream as I stumbled as Dorothy pulled me into a shop. TG Incorporated!

Why bother anyone with details. You know what happens in that place. Well, seems I fit into Dorothy’s dresses better than ever now. Kind’of like the name they gave me too: Teri. I still practice my urban art. Dorothy tags along sometimes. Seems the whole thing was a ruse on Dorothy’s part. She only wanted to join me on the adventures and knew no other way to get what she wanted. I’m not complaining.

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