Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TG Inc Casino

The massive profits generated by TG Incorporated’s mainline services were invested in new income producing streams. The latest idea from TG Inc. is a casino. Jason and Art thought it was so cool to gamble on opening night. The bright lights, smells and sounds created a feeling of euphoria. The best part was TG Inc. always took your marker.

The boys loved the gambler friendly atmosphere of the casino. Jason knew how to count cards so they headed for the blackjack table. Unfortunately, even if you count cards you can lose. It is called variance. Just because the odds favor you does not mean you win the money. Sometimes variance can get brutal.

Before the boys knew it they were in deep. Art got nervous and wanted to stop. Jason finally relented. As the boys tried to leave a security guard pointed them to a side office to settle their markers. When the totals were added up the boys were unable to pay their debts.

Another great thing about the TG Casino is the easy terms. You only had to work off your debt and the interest rate was only 40%. A real deal! A sweet woman with the casino directed the boys to the side of the office where they were hit with a girly light. They were given more appropriate cloths and told to work the dance floor.  They were allowed to set the price for their services, but the lower the fee the longer I would take to pay off the loan.

Working as Sky and Erika, the boys fell into a successful routine. They were always surprised by the number of guys willing to pay them for their bodies. As the balance approached zero, Sky told Erika she had no plans on going back to his old life. The job, the money, the fun were a more exciting life than anything they had before.

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