Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bad Boys

Misbehaving boys are every school’s worst nightmare. To control the boys a simple solution is implemented at Whitewater High School. Detention is no longer a punishment where teachers have to work late watching adolescent deviants as a form of punishment. Now, students are sent to “the lounge”. The lounge is a room on the third floor where a nurse sprays the young male troublemaker with a mist of TG virus.

It only takes twenty minutes for the virus to finish the job. The nurse then helps the new girl find an outfit, always a dress and heels. The girl is then offered an opportunity for see Mrs. Clundt for feminine training.

The school administrators assumed antisocial behavior would drop among the boys once the new program was instituted. Instead the boys went wild. Take Kyle and Sam here. They intentionally ran up and down the halls until a teacher caught them. They giggled and laughed all the way to the lounge. Once transitioned into Bailey and Zelda you could not stop the boys from tripping all the way to Mrs. Clundt’s room.  Even after all that training they still seem to have an attitude as they send us some sign language.

It was too late by the time school administrators discovered what was happening. Teachers suspected right away, but management always thought they knew better. It finally sunk in when the last boy smiled as he walked to the lounge followed by a visit to Mrs. Clundt. Only then was the program terminated, as if it made any difference by then. It was an all-girls school now.

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