Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Dinner

The family sat down for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. It’s hard to celebrate any holiday without TG Incorporated sitting down with you. The massive profits TG Inc. made were reinvested in nearly every industry. Now TG Inc. owned the turkey business. All Thanksgiving turkeys came from a TG Inc. farm.

Arnold could care less. The country was going to the hell in a hand basket and the politicians were all at fault in his opinion. The family sat down and enjoyed the pleasure of a good meal together. After the meal the whole family migrated to the living room to watch football, scratch and sleep.

TG Inc. turkeys put people to sleep more than any other turkey. The whole family, Arnold included, succumb to the wonderful turkey dinner. When they started to stir from a long after dinner slumber it appeared the Packers took one on the chin.

It took a few seconds for the men to realize there were some changes while they slept. It seems TG Inc. turkeys are laced with nanobots. Arnold was so excited about the changes that he rushed to the bedroom and tried on a bra/panty set of his wife’s. After posing for the family, Arnold announced he was to be addressed as Claudia.

Enjoy your turkey dinner this Thanksgiving. You never know what special ingredient was added.

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