Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sorority Contest

Roger could not pass up the contest of the century. Twelve sorority girls promised the fraternity brothers a BJ contest they’ll never forget. The rules are simple: the girls get on their knees and blow twelve of the guys. The first one to blow his top loses more than a load. You see, each frat boy must first ingest a nanobot tablet programmed to activate when you, you know, unload. Once the first guy makes the ultimate sacrifice the remaining nanobots deactivate.

What are the odds he releases first? Or so Roger’s thinking went. He has self control. So he entered the contest. It took some talking and female persuasion to get the twelve, ah, slots filled. Once the volunteers for a good time were secured the night was set for the big party.

The guys swallowed (not the last to do so for the evening) their nanobot tablets and took a seat. The girl servicing Roger was hot as hell. Roger was planned on making a move on this girl for weeks, but this will do. The girls went down. Roger’s girl seemed to want it more than any other girl. She took it all the way until she almost gagged. Roger noticed no one let lose yet, but he couldn’t hold back. His manhood exploded. It was the best release he ever had. He covered the poor girl’s face with layers of manly confetti.

As soon as it was over he could feel the nanobots going to work. By the time the rest of the guys finished, Roger was a girl. The sorority girls took their new girlfriend, Denise, back with them to the sorority. They gave Denise a bikini and a room at the sorority. Denise took a selfie for the record.

The real surprise came three weeks later when another contest was proposed. This time it was a contest to see which girl could satisfy five frat boys first and Denise was one of the girls looking for a win.

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