Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fresh Start to a New Life

A new body and a new world can make people do crazy things. Consider Cliff here. He traveled to Miranda 11 to get away from the stress of his executive job. Miranda 11 is a female only enclave. That was part of the allure for Cliff. He not only wanted to get away, he wanted to forget, and he wanted to be someone else for a while. As someone else he could forget the financial problems he left behind at his company.

The first thing that happens when you disembark your spacecraft on arrival is orientation. You are required to leave your clothes in a locker and slip into a body suit slimmer, as they are called. The body suit modifies your body until you are a fully functional woman. Then they give you your identity papers with your name. Cliff is Mary for his stay on Miranda 11.

Nothing brings out crazy fun like a body suit on Miranda 11. The body suit regulates environmental comfort so snowboarding, as Cliff is doing here, is a wildly fun time in a bikini. Cliff made the most of his vacation and for six weeks forgot all about the problems back home. But go home he must.

Cliff discovered a way to sneak off planet with the body suit. If he was willing to spend the rest of his life as a woman he could walk away from his financial problems and start over as Mary. Cliff knew what he had to do. It was easier sneaking onto the ship than onto the planet. Cliff hid in his baggage compartment until the flight was underway. Now it is smooth sailing all the way home. Nobody will be looking for him or hounding him for money. He will have a fresh start at life.

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